Mar 16

We Matter: Save Our Schools!

Please sign and share this petition created by Boston Public School students

Support the voices of Cristina Martinez of West Roxbury Academy and many youth who have testified at recent school committee meetings to halt Boston’s proposal to close 5 or more schools as of June 30, 2015 before there is a comprehensive capital facilities plan:
  1. West Roxbury Academy (a school established 5 years ago after BPS closed and merged 18 schools);
  2. Rogers Middle School (the only district middle school located in the Hyde Park/Mattapan/South Dorchester area);
  3. E. Greenwood Leadership Academy (a K-5 school in year two of a district partnership with Blueprint Schools Education Network to “partner with schools and districts to plan, implement and monitor school improvement initiatives” and to “build capacity within traditional public schools” to manage and sustain improvement);
  4. Community Academy (a small high school for court-involved students and others who have not been successful in school);
  5. Middle School Academy (a small “second chance” middle school that accepts students transferring from district K-8 or middle schools following serious disciplinary code violations);
  6. Dorchester Academy (a small BPS-run high school “focused on scholarship, artistry and entrepreneurship” which BPS has moved from facility to facility and now is proposing to phase out by “not admitting a freshman class next September 2015” and by offering current 9th, 10th and 11th grade students the “option to transfer to another high school” so that a privately-run school could instead operate in the facility where Dorchester Academy is located, provided that the state department of elementary and secondary education approves ABCD’s pending proposal for an alternative education program there. See http://www.dotnews.com/2015/plan-let-abcd-run-dorchester-academy-revamp-bid ).
Until there is a thoughtful, community-driven plan for all of the schools and buildings in the district, including a comprehensive facilities master plan, no schools should be closed.
Students hope to deliver signatures on this Petition to the Boston School Committee this Thursday March 19 at 6 PM at English High School, the last budget hearing before the March 25 Boston School Committee vote.

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