May 18

Wed 5/20 Action – Funeral for Youth Jobs and Against Police Violence

We need *you* and *everyone you know* to come!
Please share widely! E-mail, call, & tell people. Share on Facebook.
And *RSVP* to action@yjpuboston.org.


Wednesday, May 20
3:00 pm at Park Street T
Funeral for Youth Jobs &
People Lost to Police Violence
Wear black and march with us to City Hall.

POLICE FUNDING goes up every year past $324 million.
POLICE OVERTIME runs over budget to $50 mililion.
But the City hasn’t added YOUTH JOBS in its budget
for five years, and this year it is only $4.5 million.

Prioritizing police spending over opportunities and
jobs hurts young people and our communities.

Our demand to Mayor Marty Walsh and City Councilors: increase
youth jobs to $9.6 million and include 14 and 19 year olds!

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