Voices of Liberation (VOL) is a community based organization dedicated to empowering youth to change their lives and the conditions of their communities through education, coalition building, organizing and direct action.

Our beliefs are best expressed by our work, our Mission, Platform and Youth Demands.

Chapters & Family

Voices of Liberation
Boston, MA

El Movimiento / The Movement
Boston, MA

S.O.S. – Save Our Schools
Boston Public Schools – Boston, MA

Fenway High School – Boston, MA



The mission of Voices of Liberation is to up rise and uplift the community. We live in communities often fraught with negative and destructive influences; our goal is to create meaningful positive social change and improve the conditions that exist in our communities.

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1 – Education Education is essential to an individual’s development. Everyone deserves the right to a decent, balanced education that is culturally relevant, accurate, and preparatory for economic empowerment. The Public Education System in the United States fails miserably at providing us with those tools necessary for success and so it is up to us …

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Youth Demands

We demand an immediate stop to the killing. We can lose no more of our peers to street violence! Black, Latino, Cape Verdean, Caribbean, Asian, we have all lost someone and enough is enough. We cannot continue to kill each other. We demand a stop to the flow of guns and drugs into our communities. …

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