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Apr 07

Black & Blue pt. II – Town Hall Forum on Policing – Thursday April 16 – 5PM @ Dudley Library

RSVP Via Facebook Black & Blue pt. II Examining the Relationship between Communities of Color and the BPD Town Hall Forum on Policing Topics: – State Legislation – City Proposals – DOJ Investigation – Police Misconduct – Police Killing Of Civilians – CO-OP – Civilian Review Board – IAD Process – Police Decertification Info Session …

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Jan 20

Letter to DOJ: Investigate and help reform BPD

[Via Blackstonian] Please sign on to and spread the word about this letter urging the US Department of Justice to help investigate and reform the Boston Police Department: Letter to DOJ: Investigate and help reform BPD January 15, 2014 The Honorable Eric Holder, Jr. The Honorable Loretta Lynch Attorney General of the United States U.S. …

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Oct 09

Black & Blue: Discussing The Relationship Between BPD & Communities Of Color

In the wake of yet another killing of a young Black man by Police, this time in St. Louis, we invite you to join us for a Community Town Hall Meeting on police and community relations right here in Boston where BPD have shot and killed more than 20 people in the last 20 years, …

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Jan 15

Justice for Mark Fernandes McMullen

A message from Karen McMullen, the sister of Mark McMullen who was shot and killed by the BPD last September regarding the recent award given to BPD Officer Chris Carr for his actions in the out of district chase and subsequent shooting of Mark: Thank you all for supporting us as we try to get …

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Jan 09

Shame on the BPD! Awards for Officers Involved In Controversial Cases of Police Brutality Spark Outrage

The Boston Police Dept., with its characterless disregard for the people and communities of color they are supposed to serve, have decided to award three officers involved in controversial, racially charged, high profile cases of police brutality, as part of this years annual performance awards. In recognizing officers Brian R. Dunford, Michael T. McManus, and Christopher …

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Oct 29

Boston Police Department Lacking Diversity, Especially at Command Level

The Blackstonian today released some devestating reports today revealing the lack of diversity in the Boston Police Department and Boston City Govt. Read on Blackstonian http://blackstonian.com/info/2012/10/focus-on-diversity-boston-police-department-f/ DOWNLOAD BOSTON POLICE DEPARTMENT DIVERSITY CHART Read on Blackstonian http://blackstonian.com/info/2012/10/focus-on-diversity-boston-police-department-f/  

Mar 14

Public Condemnation of statements made by Jim Carnell of Boston Police Patrolmen’s Association and Editor of The Pax Centurion

We, Concerned Citizens, Community Activists, Voting and Tax Paying Residents of Boston, join together to publicly condemn statements made by James Carnell of the Boston Police Patrolmen’s Association (BPD Union) and Editor of the Pax Centurion (BPD Union Newspaper). In the current Jan/Feb Edition of the Pax Centurion (Vol. 41 No. 1), Jim Carnell refers …

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Oct 29

Press Conference @BPD HQ re: Police Brutality 10/28/10

Press Conference @BPD HQ re: Police Brutality 10/28/10 from Jamarhl Crawford on Vimeo. Ongoing coverage at Blackstonian.com

Oct 29

Boston Police criticized for rough arrest

(NECN: Josh Brogadir, Boston) – Several community leaders are criticizing Boston Police officer for being too rough during the arrest of a teen in Roxbury. The perception among some community leaders is that dialogue is not open with police. They want these officers suspended without pay. A call to prayer followed the call for change …

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Oct 29

Community Leaders Hold Press Conference Outside BPD Headquarters To Address Videotaped Police Beating of 16-year-old

One surefire way to rile activists is to beat a teenager in plain sight, and tell witnesses that they can’t record the free-for-all. Needless to say, more than a few folks are furious in the wake of news that Boston Police Department officers jabbed and kicked a 16-year-old inside a Roxbury Community College building this …

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Sep 02

Photos: BPD – Operation Hoodsie Cup spotted in South Street Projects

Click here for the full photo album

Aug 23

Hip Hop video takes aim at the Media

Voices of Liberation’s Catch Wreck along with director, Rene Dongo, just released the video for the song, Magic, which deals directly with the issue of accountability in the media..

Apr 10

Threats of revenge put police on guard

A guard has been posted at gang unit headquarters since a fatal shooting.  (Pat Greenhouse/Globe Staff) City police have been on high alert and taking unusual safety precautions since Saturday, when the death of a 19-year-old in a shootout with gang unit officers sparked threats of retaliation. Since Sunday, an armored truck from the department’s …

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