Housing Policy Summit: Report Back

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CDC Federal Eviction Moratorium Resources

We learned about the CDC Moratorium which protects people from eviction who are unable to pay their rent due to COVID 19.

City Resources

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Reports / Media

Action Items

Healthy Housing Guarantee: Housing Stability budget amendment #585 / #763

Email your MA legislators to win housing stability! Win housing stability, stop mass evictions! Tens of thousands of families across the state are now facing eviction following the October 17 expiration of our state’s moratorium. Amendment #585 / #763 will prevent a massive surge of unjust evictions against tenants who fell behind on rent due to the impact of the pandemic; protect homeowners from foreclosure; and stabilize small-scale property owners by extending the right to mortgage forbearance and establishing a Housing Stability & Recovery Fund.

Contact Your Elected Officials

Bill H.3889: An Act enabling a local option for a tax on vacant units in large residential buildings

By Mr. Connolly of Cambridge, a petition (accompanied by bill, House, No. 3889) of Mike Connolly and others that cities and towns be authorized to establish an excise tax on vacant units in large residential buildings. Revenue.

Bill H.3924: An Act enabling local options for tenant protections

By Representatives Connolly of Cambridge and Elugardo of Boston, a petition (accompanied by bill, House, No. 3924) of Mike Connolly, Nika C. Elugardo and others for legislation to remove the prohibition on rent control and to provide tenant and foreclosure protections. Housing.

This bill would remove “Home Rule” restrictions that prevent cities and towns from passing legislation to address housing even when there is wide support within the city or town. This bill is currently with the Housing Committee. Learn more

S.773 / H.1769: Real Estate Transfer Fee & Affordable Housing Funding

An Act supporting affordable housing with a local option for a fee to be applied to certain real estate transactions (Boncore – Connolly) Enables cities and towns to assess a fee of 0.5-2% on residential and commercial real estate transactions, with the funds allocated to affordable housing trust funds.

S.824 / H.3566: Eviction Sealing / HOMES Act

An Act promoting housing opportunity and mobility through eviction sealing (Boncore – Moran) Requires the sealing of eviction records in order to combat housing discrimination.

Community Organizations to Connect With

Additional Info

Affordable Housing 5 Minutes 5 Slides

Slides presented by City Councilor Bok on Deeply affordable housing, public land use, zoning and co-ops as ways of providing affordable housing.

Eviction Map 2020

This map of evictions was created by Senator Pat Jehlen’s office communications director, Zoe Iacovino.  She used information from the Eviction Lab. The Eviction Lab has amazing resources tracking evictions over time in major cities, including metropolitan Boston.

Click on the next map to find the number of evictions already filed in 2020 in your neighborhood by census tract.


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