The Gallery House Opening

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The purpose of the office space goes beyond being just a real estate office. It aims to be an intersection of business, opportunities for youth development, and self-expression. Nelson Otuechere, the owner and founder of NCO Realty Group, envisions creating a space that empowers young people to learn how to create their own opportunities, drawing from his own experiences.

The office will be home to the newly created nonprofit, PREPPED INC. This nonprofit offers a pathway to a career in real estate, to local Boston Public Schools high school students with an overarching goal of developing their entrepreneurial skills. Students will have the opportunity to attend real estate school upon completing the program.

The event will also serve as the opening night for the art gallery,’ The Gallery House. The gallery‚Äôs goal is to provide exposure for local artists, including student artists from nearby schools, and offer them a venue to showcase and sell their work. The opening show will be in collaboration with local businesses and arts organizations, Scope Apparel, Pen & Sword, AoA Supply, and Voices of Liberation. The gallery will feature works by renowned Boston Artists such as Soems, JB183, Mar1, Eyevan, Doe, G-Kid, Pheebz, Ananada Toulon, Curtistic, Omega Rocks, Jacob Leidolf, Pete Cosmos, Okaje, and more.

The look and feel of the NCO Realty Group office space was a unique collaboration with ‘Arm of Casso,’ an Atlanta-based artist, and included creative direction from local high school students from Boston Green Academy. The students formed the first cohort of what would become the PREPPED Inc. program.


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