What We Demand

  1. We demand an end to racism and racial violence and the dismantling of the system of white supremacy and the institutions which uphold it.
  2. We demand an end to gender and sexually based discrimination and violence and the systems of patriarchy, homophobia and transphobia and the institutions which uphold them.
  3. We demand an end to economic exploitation and disenfranchisement and the system of capitalism and the institutions which uphold it.
  4. We demand an end to borders, the exploitation of and discrimination against migrants or anyone based on nationality or citizenship and the the system of xenophobia and the institutions which uphold it.
  5. We demand economic Justice and Self Determination for everyone but especially and first those who have been marginalized, exploited and targeted by the systems of oppression. We demand reparations for the descendents of African slaves and the descendents of the indigenous peoples of the land.
  6. We demand access to food, clothes, shelter and healthcare for everyone including women’s rights to reproductive care and of all people to family services.
  7. We demand community control of public institutions and government and the power to reform, reimagine or remove them.
  8. We demand restorative Justice for those impacted by the Criminal Justice System and the abolition of prisons and police.
  9. We demand access to space for community organization, mobilization and development.
  10. We demand an end to Ableism and discirimination against the disabled and access to space or technology based on ability.
  11. We demand Environmental justice led by POC / indigenous voices who will be most impacted.
  12. We demand An end to Ageism / Youth discrimination and the inhumane treatment of youth facing the school to prison pipeline and greater resources and investment in our youth who are the futrue.

What We Believe

  1. We believe in supporting community organizing led by the community. We have the answers within ourselves. We must elevate the voices that have been left out of the conversation for too long.
  2. We believe community arts are an essential way to organize our community, and make space for voices and expression from identities and peoples that have been marginalized and far too often had their stories appropriated, left out or mistold without recognition for their contributions.
  3. We believe community Community Education is essential to self determination, community organization and mobilization.
  4. We believe funds raised for community issues should be used for work led by people impacted by those issues. We believe in direct constituent control of funds for community decisions.
  5. We believe in transnational solidarity building with other groups facing similar struggles worldwide.