in addition to our ongoing and special events we have several ongoing programs and projects which seek to enact systemic change through developing structures guided by the people in need.

House of Creativity (HOC)

The Mission of House of Creativity HOC is to counter the social and intellectual repression facilitated through systems of mass incarceration, by uplifting incarcerated visual artists, developing opportunities for their visibility as creators, and expanding their abilities as community contributors. It is our belief that there is transformative potential in using art as a vehicle to bridge the barriers between incarcerated artists, community engagement, and cultural preservation. Incarcerated artists can obtain support while being positioned to advocate for their humanity and that of others while addressing the negative impacts of the criminal punishment system.

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G’s to Gents

G’s to Gents is a Direct Aid program that brings together a variety of resources and community members to create a safe transformative space for men of color and from marginalized communities to take steps of healing, personal growth and professional development.

Heal the Hood

Heal the Hood is a multifaceted program designed To facilitate conflict mediation through cooperative and creative community building amongst men who are impacted by violence, the criminal punishment system and other systemic barriers and empower them to heal themselves and their community. 

Feed the Hood

Feed the Hood is a decentralized direct mutual aid program. VOL’s current version began 8/8/21 and focuses on weekly distributions with a street component delivering meals, clothes and essential items to our unhoused and homeless neighbors and a neighborhood component focused on delivering groceries, clothes and household items to different projects and housing developments in Boston. We do our program in solidarity with Organize the Hood Boston and the Blackstonian who began the original Feed the Hood Program on 11/11/11 and who continue to do a weekly Feed the Hood distribution focused on Elder Housing and Domestic Violence Shelters in Boston.

Grow the Hood

Grow the Hood is a collaborative urban farming project focused on connecting people with an interest in food justice and farming of all levels.