Voices of Liberation Inc. is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization Based in Boston, Massachusetts.

Mission Statement

The mission of Voices of Liberation is to up rise and uplift the community. We live in communities often fraught with negative and destructive influences; our goal is to create meaningful positive social change and improve the conditions that exist in our communities through community organizing, funding and resource distribution. 

  • Community organizing = engaging, educating, and mobilizing people through virtual and physical events that are issue and goal based for the purposes of developing leadership and a  civic engagement toolset.
  • Funding = organizing money to provide direct funding to individuals and groups conducting work that aligns with the mission and vision of VOL.
  • Resource Distribution = providing intentional access to skills, networks, and tools to individuals and groups that align with the mission of VOL

Vision Statement

Our vision of Liberation requires a radical reimagining of our society and systems so that everyone is economically empowered, self determined, has control over their conditions, are unconstrained in their access to opportunities, are accountable to each other, the world and a better future and do not have to sacrifice humanity to survive.